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A New Draft!

We have a draft! And no, it's not a draft of this lion!
We present to you our new draft! Er. . . a lion outside the Art Institute of Chicago!

Rebecca and I have completed a new draft of A Natural Progression Of Our Prolonged Stay! You can click on the title there or visit the Projects In Development section of this website to read a 20-page sample. Stay tuned for more news about the play as we continue working on it. Also, the photo above does not directly relate to the play, but it did occur immediately after a meeting in which we worked on the play. And I do think Rebecca’s expression in the photo appropriately captures our excitement at having finished another draft.

A Natural Progression – Back At It

Spy Play Revisions OutlineRebecca and I have a self-imposed deadline of this Friday to finish a new draft. We’re already well on our way. We just needed a little extra kick to get us over that final hump. Well, that kick has officially arrived, and we’re having a meeting of minds this Wednesday and Thursday to put the final touches on our new draft. Above is a picture taken this past summer of the play’s new structure with the colored post-it notes denoting where we’re inserting new scenes or exchanges. Perhaps we’ll even post an excerpt of the play to this site once we’ve finished the draft?