The Solid Sand Below

Nick Horst and Adam Poss
Nick Horst and Adam Poss in ‘The Solid Sand Below’ at Goodman Theatre. Image by Liz Lauren.
100 mins: 5M
Script Sample of The Solid Sand Below

Julian Flores narrowly escapes a prison sentence and lands in Iraq where he’s anything but a model soldier. But when an I.E.D. blast nearly costs him his life, something changes for Flores. Soon the adrenaline, clarity, and intimacy of battle become something he can’t live without—even after he returns home.

Production History:


  • [2015] Runner-up for the National Latino Playwriting Award
‘The Solid Sand Below’ as part of New Stages at Goodman Theatre. Set by Kevin Depinet. Lights by Jesse Klug. Costumes by Christine Pascual. Direction by Jonathan Berry. Images by Liz Lauren.